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The new Rappa Yard is quite simply the strongest, quickest and most user-friendly mobile yard on the market

Fully compatible with most other mobile pen systems. Simple, robust and quick to set up.

Exceptionally strong trailer design with excellent drafting options, but still light to handle.

Drafting gates at the front of the race enable shedding without unloading the penning gates.

High tensile heat-treated aluminium combines great strength with light weight and flexibility.

Falshaw Partners are an authorised seller of new and second hand Rappa mobile sheep yards.

We are based in Masham at the heart of North Yorkshire.

We cover an area north of the M62 and south of the A69.

Falshaw Partners are a livestock and arable based business and have used aluminium mobile sheep yards for over 20 years.

We trade in new and second hand sheep yards and started working with Rappa Fencing in 2000, which has progressed to Rappa manufacturing the premier British made Mobile Sheep Yard.

Martin Falshaw of Falshaw Partners is one of only a hand full of people in the UK who has used and sold Aluminium sheep yards for over 20 years.

Contact Martin now to discuss your requirements on the mobile number or email address below.

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